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Do you need some light-up art for your home or business?

Contact Erin at with your ideas, questions, and visions. Order a custom chandelier, costume piece, or design a fantasy kid’s room or art installation for your event.

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Electric Fireplace Teardown Tutorial

Check out  my test project: I upgraded an electric fireplace to use programmable lights and WLED. These fancy LED fireplaces are appearing in homes all over the place. I’ve seen them at State Fairs and home shows, and they’re a great alternative to standard fireplaces, with heat and light built in. They’re efficient and beautiful, […]

Teddy Ruxpin Hacking: Making a Custom Animatronic Toy with Personalized Voices

I just published my latest guide on the Adafruit Learning system: I hacked a Teddy Ruxpin doll from 2017 and turned him into a talking Figment the Dragon doll, with personalized voices and stories for my baby nieces. This was a really fun project! Come Dream with Me Tonight…Teddy Ruxpin is a very cool animatronic […]

Tutorial: LED Water Drip Illusion Dress with NeoPixels and Arduino

Check my latest tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System. I built a dress using NeoPixel LEDs and Arduino code by Phil Burgess: the amazing Oozemaster 3000 code. This code does a mind-blowing job of mimicking the way water flows, oozes, and drips, so this dress creates the illusion that water is constantly glowing and flowing […]


About Erin

Erin St Blaine is a light artist based in Northern California. She creates sculptures, costumes and artwork with programmable LED lights, often including interactivity and data visualization to bring her creations to life.

Erin’s innovative creations explore the way LED lights and 3d printed objects interact with the human body in motion: onstage through dance and flow arts, connecting with audiences at events through interactive character costumes, or underwater with Glimmer, the world’s first fully submersible and swimmable LED mermaid tail. Her art installations bring the natural world together with the latest microcontroller technology, to make glowing rivers, animated blinking tree faces, vertical gardens that can predict the weather, and walls of crystal that react to the viewer.

Her mission is to inspire more young makers, especially girls who are under-represented in the STEM world, to use art and technology to make their own dreams come true.

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