Art & Furniture

Art & Furniture

Erin creates artwork and home furnishings that combine nature and tech in a unique and beautiful way. Her work brings outdoor features like rivers, moss, crystals, and trees inside the home, usually with glowing and interactive elements.





Glowing Resin River table

This epoxy resin and live edge walnut dining table has a diffusion layer beneath the tabletop with around 200 NeoPixel LEDs. The table glows in a soft color-shifting rainbow, making every dining experience a special moment. You can’t help but stay present with your food when you’re eating off such a beautiful surface.






Vertical Garden Moss Barometer

Locally collected moss adorns this gorgeous vertical garden. The moss is preserved so it maintains its color and softness without needing to be watered. The lights illuminating the moss are colored by data readings from a barometric pressure sensor, and three different sections show changes in pressure over time: the middle section shows current data, the upper and lower middle show data that’s 3 hours old, and the top and bottom show data that’s 6 hours old. This art can predict the weather — and is a different shade of beautiful every morning.






paper-craft crystal wall

More than 500 paper-crafted crystals are packed together into a 2′ x 4′ hanging Crystal Wall, with color-shifting rainbow lights illuminating them from behind. The crystals are iridescent and very realistic, and all hand-folded by Erin.

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LED and crystal chandelier

This 9′ x 5′ chandelier is made from laser cut wood and paper crafted crystals. There are around 500 NeoPixel lights that shine upward to illuminate the white “cloud” background above it, and 20 paper crafted crystals hanging below. Each crystal contains an addressable LED pixel, making possible stunning animations that cycle through all the colors of the rainbow and create beautiful motion in three dimensions. This chandelier is wifi-connected, and Erin is currently working to connect it to an online weather feed, so animations can shift and change based on current weather conditions.

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