Fantasy Room Design

Fantasy Room Design


This full sized oak tree sculpture graces Erin’s guest room.

A sculpted tree ent-style face with animated moving eyes “wakes up” when visitors approach. The tree is 12 feet tall with branches that cover the ceiling of the room. Hanging in the branches are around a dozen “fairy bottles” – iridescent glass art bottles containing programmable LEDs. The lighting is controlled by hand-sculpted pewter “icons” on the tree trunk, one for each of the four seasons. Touch one of the icons and a capacitive touch signal is sent to the bottles in the tree, lighting them in a beautiful animation that evokes the season.

Erin has created many other fantasy rooms, from tiki-bar themed bathrooms to mermaid and underwater themed rooms. She has created a Leonardo DaVinci themed workroom, complete with flying machines suspended from the ceiling, and is always innovating and learning new techniques.

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Contact Erin about commissions for a fantasy room of your own.

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