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LED Cufflinks

Tutorial: Light-up Message Cufflinks with NeoPixel LEDs

Check out my newest tutorial: NeoPixel Novelty Cufflinks with scrolling text. Full tutorial: https://learn.adafruit.com/neopixel-novelty-cufflinks-with-scrolling-text/overview In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make your very own Neopixel Novelty Cufflinks using Adafruit’s QT Py RP2040...

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Light up Mask tutorial

Tutorial: Add Lights to your Costume with Adafruit nOOds – Little Noodles of Light

I just published my latest tutorial over on the Adafruit Learning System: Add Lights to your Costume with nOOds nOOds are pretty cool. They’re little silicone-coated LED strands that are super flexible and really...

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Aquarium Fish Tank with Underwater Color Changing Lights – DIY Tutorial

Check out my latest project: decorate your fish tank or aquarium with color-changing lights. This tutorial shows how to assemble and waterproof your NeoPixel lights so you can bury them under seashells or sea glass...

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New Guide: Rainbow Fairy Light Bottle Lamp for Ada Lovelace Day

Check out my newest tutorial – just in time for Ada Lovelace Day! Make a lovely glowing bottle lamp with a Circuit Playground Express and a strand of warm white fairy lights. Choose colors or...

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Epoxy Resin Torch Lamp – Dragon Gargoyle Wall Sconce

Check out my newest project tutorial: make an epoxy resin Minecraft-inspired torch lamp. This lamp has a strand of warm white fairy lights embedded right into the resin, making a lovely starry glow effect. Adding...

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Light-up Sound Reactive Ukulele Build Tutorial

LED Ukulele!! And a fun video shot & created by the increasingly awesome cinematographer Darrell St. Blaine. And of course there’s a tutorial: https://learn.adafruit.com/light-up-reactive-ukulele/ I have wanted Mermaid Glimmer photo-drone footage since.. well, since I built her...

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Glowing Mermaid Castle Musical Instrument – DIY Tutorial

I made a magical mermaid fairy fantasy castle out of recycled bottles. I am absolutely in love with it.  Here’s a link to the build tutorial at Adafruit Learn System: https://learn.adafruit.com/glowing-bottle-castle-and-capacitive-touch-piano The bottles are sitting...

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Glowing Four Seasons Fairy Bottle Art Installation & Tutorial

Fairy bottles.I made my first glass fairy bottle almost 10 years ago, before I’d really started on my LED maker journey. It went a little viral on Pinterest and with good reason.. these little bottles are stunningly gorgeous...

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Glowing Crystal Wizard Staff Tutorial & Cosplay Photos

Just launched a new tutorial: make a glowing Crystal Wizard Staff. Here’s the link: https://learn.adafruit.com/glowing-interactive-crystal-staff It’s interactive! It does things (wonderful things!!) when you tilt it or shake it.  Here’s a video: The staff...

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Tutorial: Dotstar LED and Glass Pebble Floor Border

I just published a new tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System: how to make an LED and glass pebble floor border.  Check it out! https://learn.adafruit.com/neopixel-and-glass-pebble-floor/introduction I used to have a raised tatami Japanese-style table...

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Sparkle Skirt Playground – Sound and Motion Reactive Costume Tutorial

New from the Adafruit Learning System: Sparkle Skirt Playground.  Use the Circuit Playground board to create costume art with motion sensitive, sound reactive and custom color palette modes.   Circuit Playground’s built-in sensors make it easy to...

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MorningStar LED Double Staff Tutorial at Adafruit Learning Center

I’ve got a new Adafruit Learning Center guide up: how to make your own LED, persistence-of-vision double staffs.  I’m calling them Morning Star Double Staffs. They’re pretty great.  They’re based on the Genesis Poi tutorial code, but I’ve added...

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